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A Kids View Face It Pirates-2 [4x4] # 10530

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"Dollar Deal" Designs: Click tabs for details!


Digitized by  Mary Webb Artwork licensed to ArtisticThreadWorks by JDS Clipart

There are 5 designs in this set for 4x4 hoops. A thread color chart that includes exact dimensions is included in the zip file when you download the designs.

"Dollar Deal" Designs: Most often our Dollar Deal designs are in PES format only. You can convert them to other formats as needed by using software like Embrilliance or other embroidery programs. Click the "Formats" tab for more information on converting to other formats. The color charts for our Dollar Deal designs are normally in text file format only. A text file is simply a list of the colors used and the sequence of the colors, but there are no pictures of the designs. To open a text file, simply double-click it. Your computer will know what to do with it automatically.

These are downloadable files used in an embroidery machine. You must have an embroidery machine to use our designs!