Sales, Bundles, and Discounts

We LOVE to give our tribe deals on their design purchases.  This page explains how our sales, bundles, and discounts work.


When we put an item on sale, we physically edit the price in the backend of our store to reduce the price temporarily.  If an item is "On Sale" you will see the regular item price marked out with a red line and the sale price next to it.  Sales are temporary and usually revert back to normal price within a few days.


When we see that certain items are often bought together by our customers we will sometimes make a "bundle" and apply a discount code automatically at checkout when the bundle is added to the cart.  If an item in the bundle also happens to be on sale currently, then you get the sale price markdown on that item first and then we give the bundle discount on the sale price.  For instance, a design set that normally sells for $14 may be on sale for $7 and also be in a bundle with an additional 50% discount applied at checkout bringing the final price down to $3.50 for that set.

If you put two different bundles in the cart at the same time, only one bundle price will be applied!  This is not because we want you to pay the higher price for the second set, but rather is a limitation of our shopping cart.  Only one discount code can be applied in the checkout process. 

So... if you are buying two bundles, please place two orders so you get the discount on both bundles.


From time to time we give people a "discount code" that can be applied in our shopping cart checkout process. Please note, that if you are buying a bundle, then the discount code field is already in use and you cannot add another discount code. Again, this is a limitation of our shopping cart software and we have no way to apply two discount codes at the same time. In this case, placing two orders will not help as the bundled price will not go any lower when a discount code is applied.